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From a young age I have always been drawn to nature-- the California sunshine can do that to a kid. It started way back at age 3 when I began riding horses, thanks to my darling mother. This then led to me growing up on a humble one-acre farm with a bright red barn. Slow afternoons strolling through almond orchards full of blossoms and taking naps on my horses back --her name was Sammy and her mane was white tied up in a tight braid just like my own hair. I remember spending my summers running barefoot in my grandmother’s garden, chasing bugs and climbing trees. Life was slow as a kid and I spent all my time outside. This interest and passion led me down a path I never dreamt of.

///Side note///

Before anything, I met my best friend, my biggest supporter. My husband Tyler was the one to push me towards my dreams. I think that's why I always say "we" on social media platforms because this business is as much his as it is mine. I don't think I would have had the guts to start any of this if it wasn't for him. I love you my dear, you mean the absolute world to me. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough but I truly owe everything to you.

Flash forward 20 years later to a University in a small potato farm town in Idaho where I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Horticulture. I can honestly say I loved every minute of my time there (maybe not my pest management class) but I studied long and I studied hard, memorizing over 300 latin botanical names and finding the joy in weeding during gardening class. The time I spent at University was heavily surrounded by flowers and design. I found my love for flowers and fascinated in their delicate growth and how I could arrange them into something beautiful.

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However, I will be honest-- the competition was real. My last semester at school my floral design teacher said to my fellow classmates (behind my back), "Jacelyn isn't as good as she thinks she is." That was my first realization that comparison and competition is everywhere, even in a private university between teacher and student. I began comparing my designs with others. I began comparing my success with others. But friends, it was never a competition for me. I never thought I was the "best," I still don't think that. In my opinion, it's not about who is the "best" or who has the most followers. All of this- the designs, the studying, it was all done just for me (I'm sorry if that's selfish to say). I did all of it out of pure joy and contentment, not for the glory or money. But most importantly I wanted others to feel that same joy as well, whether on their wedding day or just everyday! It was simple, I L O V E D flowers and would do anything it took to work with them!


Thus began my road to (what you might have guessed) Flora + Fern-- my wedding and event styling company. Three full years of weddings, collaborations, workshops, beautiful friendships, and lots of late nights designing in my small kitchen (with midnight runs to McDonalds for an extra-large coke of course). I will forever be grateful for those years of trials and triumphs. To say there was a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into Flora + Fern sounds cliche but gosh it's accurate. I learned a lot about myself as a designer and entrepreneur. I met some of the most amazing people who will forever be my best friends. Thank you to all of those who supported me during that amazing time, I couldn't have done it without you. 


Now, graduated and all nestled back in the California sun I want to create a new space not just for weddings but for all the things, the botanical things that is. I realized after graduating I really missed school. I missed those late afternoons studying books upon books in the greenhouse with the ladybugs buzzing around. There is so much out there I want to continue to learn and share with all of you. I felt sad that I had this platform but couldn't share all that I was passionate about. I want to create this new community to share, to learn, and to grow with each other! Because for me that is what it's about- one big beautiful community of friends--plants and flower lovers alike. This is an open club to all who want to feel inspired with all that nature has to offer, because she’s got a lot!

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Friends and now fellow club members, if you’re here you have a passion too. Whether it’s flowers arranged in a pretty vessel, fresh grown fruits + vegetables, maybe you've got lots of houseplants in your space or you're into finding organic beauty products. Let’s talk about it all! Follow along on instagram @thefloraclub or check back here on the "Gather" tab for new blog posts! 



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