My name is Jacelyn Bolton but we’re all friends in this club, you can call me Jace!

As a born and bred Californian, I find my inspiration along the golden coastline. From Big Sur all the way to Huntington Beach where poppies grow wild with the beachgrass and waves. There is something so beautiful and romantic about the nature of California and my heart has fully embraced this love into my designs. We enjoy working with locally CA grown flowers to not only bring pride to this state but showcase a fresh farm-to-hand look.

My design aesthetic is quite feminine: a natural garden-style with a hint of whimsy. I believe in allowing the natural curves of a flowers growth to flourish and have it's own special "moment" in the arrangement. As a passionate creator with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Horticulture I enjoy working with flowers in a very organic process to ensure each design embodies a feeling and movement.

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studio florist located in the central valley of california

servicing all residents both northern + southern based {SF to LA}